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We have decided to participate as a special sponsor company for Meat Free Monday All Japan.

Meat Free Monday All Japan (MFMAJ) is an organization that promotes the idea of "Meat Free Monday," which was proposed by Sir Paul McCartney in 2009, to spread the idea of having a day of the week where people don't eat meat in Japan. They conduct various vegetarian awareness and social contribution activities.

Meat Free Monday, where you refrain from eating meat for one day a week or reduce your usual amount, is a great opportunity for people who are resistant to a completely vegetarian diet to try it out easily, and to think about the Earth's environment. In addition, many people can have a positive impact on the Earth by creating a day of the week where they do not eat meat. Meat Free Monday has been adopted in the cafeterias of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japan Meteorological Agency, as well as school lunches, and is gradually beginning to penetrate Japan.

Tastable Co., Ltd., which sells plant-based meat NIKUVEGE (Nikuvegi), sympathizes with the philosophy of MFM and has decided to participate as a sponsor company.

NIKUVEGE is a truly delicious plant-based meat that we want people to eat, especially those who are interested in plant-based foods but do not want to eat anything that is not tasty, or do not want to give up what they want to eat.

We aim for a future where plant-based foods are commonplace on the dining table, in order to maintain the abundance of food that we have now. Alongside beef, pork, chicken, and fish, we will offer a delicious food experience for everyone by making plant-based meat a choice of ingredient.


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