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We are participating in the Yokohama Takashimaya Pop-up Market from 10/4 to 10/10.

We are selling NIKUVEGE's household products at the "EAT 2033 BY TAKASHIMAYA" pop-up market, which gathers brands that specialize in sustainable foods. Our focus is on "Plant-Based Foods" made from plant-derived ingredients and "Upcycled Foods," which give new value to ingredients that would otherwise be discarded.

Products for Sale:

1. NIKUVEGE Soboro (Retort) 100g/bag

A convenient product that requires no rehydration or heating and comes with pre-seasoning, allowing immediate use upon opening the bag. It can be stored at room temperature, making it perfect for emergency rations.

2. NIKUVEGE Coconut Curry (Retort) 240g/bag

A plant-based, flavorful coconut curry with the richness of cashews and coconut milk, complemented by a satisfying plant-based meat texture.

3. NIKUVEGE Hamburg Steak / NIKUVEGE Tofu Cream in Hamburg (Frozen) 60g×2 pieces/bag

Representative products from NIKUVEGE with a Japanese-style seasoning and a distinctive charcoal-grilled aroma.

4. NIKUVEGE Petit Burgers (Frozen) 20g×12 pieces/bag

Versatile mini-sized hamburgers that can be eaten as is or used in soups for easy and convenient meals.

5. NIKUVEGE Meal Kit 3-Variety Set (Mapo Tofu, Keema Curry, Taco Rice) (Frozen)

This convenient meal kit set includes NIKUVEGE Soboro-like product, cut vegetables, and sauces. Simply add water and oil in a frying pan, and you can easily prepare three different dishes: Mapo Tofu, Keema Curry, and Taco Rice.


Event Details:

Date and Time: From October 4th (Wednesday) to October 10th (Tuesday)

Location: Yokohama Takashimaya, Basement Floor 1, Foodies' Port2 Event Square

Please take this opportunity to make a purchase, and we look forward to your visit.


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