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Opened "Plant-based innovation studio", a development lab dedicated to plant-based foods

Tastable contributes to the creation of food culture by realizing new food needs with Food Tech. Among them, plant-based for the purpose of effectively utilizing limited food resources, maintaining the abundance of the earth, and supplying new protein sources while maintaining the abundance of existing foods. We develop and sell food.

Plant-based innovation studio (hereafter: Peaceta) has also introduced equipment such as jet ovens, fryer, and gas griddles to further accelerate the development of plant-based foods that capture market and customer needs.

With the establishment of a new base called Peaceta, we will continue to develop to deliver even higher quality plant-based foods to everyone.

Plant-based innovation studio


3-9-4 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Nihonbashi Life Science Building 6 1st floor


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