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NIKUVEGE chosen for Isetan Shinjuku store's "Restaurant dishes for the future" ONLY MI menu.

The theme for the spring Only MI restaurant at Isetan Shinjuku store is "Sustainable Food", where we aim to connect the future with "delicious" menus while considering the global and natural environment. In this theme, our plant-based meat NIKUVEGE has been selected for the limited menus of three stores.

Period: March 15th (Wednesday) to March 28th (Tuesday), 2023 Venue: Isetan Shinjuku store

NIKUVEGE is a plant-based meat that does not use any animal-derived ingredients. Plant-based meat is known for its low environmental impact, but it is difficult to sustain long-term consumption by simply substituting animal meat or sacrificing regular meals. Therefore, NIKUVEGE was developed to offer a delicious and sustainable plant-based meat that can be incorporated into meals without sacrificing taste or variety. Enjoy the experience of "delicious even when plant-based" with NIKUVEGE.


Koga: Korean-style Chapche Salad ¥1,280

Isetan Shinjuku Store, Main Building 7th Floor, Eat Paradise

This dish is a salad version of chapche, made with plant-based meat and five kinds of namul (seasoned vegetables).


Isetan Dining: Eggplant Lasagna ¥2,200

Isetan Shinjuku Store, Main Building 7th Floor, Eat Paradise

This lasagna is kind to both the earth and the body, using plant-based meat. Comes with soup and salad.


Trattoria Tavolo di Fiori: Spring Vegetable Bolognese-style Pizza - ¥1,680

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building Parking Building

A hearty spring pizza topped with plant-based meat sauce, asparagus, eggplant, and cherry tomatoes.


Please check the official website of Isetan Shinjuku store for details and the latest business hours.


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