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2nd "NEXTTABLE" -Future Dining Table Exhibition- to Conduct Sales of Commercial Products

"NEXTTABLE" -Future Dining Table Exhibition- is an event that proposes new food and lifestyles for the future and is held concurrently with the world's largest handmade hobby and craft fair, the "Japan Hobby Show," and the "Hobby Cooking Fair," a marketing live fair where consumers can interact directly with food manufacturers.


1. Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 4-5 (including joint exhibitions) Booth number: [C-03-N2]

2. Date and time: Thursday, April 27 to Saturday, April 29, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. Target exhibition genres:

01 New lifestyle and health-oriented foods: Free-from, gluten-free, organic, etc.

02 Plant-based foods and alternative foods: plant-based ingredients, plant-based proteins, cultured meat, allergen-free foods, etc.

03 New functional materials and food science: new functional foods, fermentation materials, development using biotechnology, flavor development, etc.

04 Next-generation food production: land-based aquaculture, use of insects, plant factories, vertical farming, etc.

05 Disaster prevention food and emergency rations: long-life foods, canned foods, ultra-convenient cooking, waste reduction, allergy management, etc.

06 Foods for the elderly: nursing care foods, medical foods, reduced salt, universal design, etc. 07 Efforts to reduce food loss: upcycling, food drives, food banks, etc.

08 Next-generation packaging: environmentally friendly materials, recycling and reuse, antibacterial properties, etc.

09 Changes in cooking styles and food delivery: meal kits, frozen technology, convenient cooking appliances, food delivery, online supermarkets, etc.

10 Efforts toward sustainability: environmental adaptation, cooperation with social welfare, industry-academic cooperation, etc.


4. Tastable Exhibit Content We will mainly conduct tasting, exhibiting, and selling of household products.

① NIKUVEGE Soboro (retort) 100g/bag [Commercial packaging 100g × 30 bags/case]

A simple product that can be used immediately after opening the bag because it doesn't require soaking or heating and has already been seasoned. It can be stored at room temperature, making it ideal for emergency rations.

② NIKUVEGE Coconut Curry (retort) 240g/bag [Commercial packaging 240g × 40 bags/case]

A retort curry with a rich taste despite being plant-based, thanks to the addition of cashew nuts and coconut milk. The plump plant-based meat gives a satisfying taste to the curry.

③ NIKUVEGE Hamburg/NIKUVEGE Tofu Cream in Hamburg (frozen) 60g x 2 pieces/bag

[Commercial packaging 120g × 10 bags/case]

NIKUVEGE's representative product, which has a Japanese-style seasoning and a charcoal-grilled aroma. The 60g size is easy to use for bento and other meals.


5. Visitor Information

▼ General Admission

As it will be held concurrently with the 47th Japan Hobby Show 2023 and the 16th Hobby Cooking Show, please purchase a ticket for the 47th Japan Hobby Show 2023.

3DAYS 4,000 yen

1DAY 1,500 yen

Purchase tickets here (

▼ Business Visitors

Please contact the following in advance.

Inquiry NEXTTABLE Future Dining Table Exhibition Secretariat 6F Yabuhara Building, 2-14-4 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032

TEL: 03-3537-1077


We are sincerely looking forward to your visit.


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