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Why should you try our new product?

•Contribute to the sustainable consumption of a limited food resource.

Currently, the supply of meat worldwide has reached its peak. As the population grows in the future, it is expected that the so-called “protein crisis” will occur. At that time, it will then be difficult to supply the demand. To address this, we have developed high quality vegetable-based product called, "NIKUVEGE". In the future, this will supply an additional source of protein, that will maintain our current variety of meal choices.

•Contributing to an environmentally friendly earth.

The choice of "NIKUVEGE" can significantly reduce the water consumption and CO2 emissions required, compared to the production of regular meat. Recent frequent natural disasters have had a major impact on our lives, and we believe, each person should do something to help the planet. By replacing part of your daily diet with "NIKUVEGE", you can contribute to the global effort to minimize our impact to the earth.

Our Aim

Instead of beef, pork, chicken or fish, we can supply an alternative source of protein that is environmentally friendly.

Having this more sustainable protein option will allow us to have continuing access to the many sources of protein we currently possess.

Moreover, ”NIKUVEGE” can be easily incorporated into your daily diet, and provide delicious meals that every family can enjoy.

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