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NIKUVEGE, a plant-based food that uses no animal ingredients.


“NIKUVEGE” is a plant-based meat that does not use animal ingredients. As commercial products, we offer a variety of products in frozen belts, including products that can be eaten by simply heating them up, and unbaked products that can be seasoned and used as desired. We also develop and manufacture fastening type and ODM products to meet customer requests. You can easily enjoy "plant-based meat" and it's even more delicious! In order to give you that experience, we also sell some household products on our e-commerce site.

・Flavor that excites the tastiness in your memory

Appetizing charcoal flavor is attached to excite your memory of tasty hamburger steaks, soliciting you to take a big bite.

・Seasoning with Japanese soup stock

By using soup kelp, mushrooms, and other ingredients materials that contain savory amino acids, we achieved a taste familiar to Japanese consumers.

・ Juicy texture based on proprietary technology

Juiciness close to that of actual animal meat has been reproduced by our proprietary blending technology.

Commercial products

NIKUVEGE Hamburger patty (50g / Sheet)

[Raw materials] Onion (Hokkaido), vegetable fats and oils, granular soybean protein, wheat protein, soy sauce, mushroom extract, salt, kelp powder, processed fats and oils, black pepper; trehalose, thickner (thickening polysaccharide, methyl cellulose, and modified starch), seasoning (amino acid), coloring (caramel and cocoa), and emulsifier (may contain traces of wheat and soybean); [Nutrition facts (per 100 g)] Energy: 275 kcal, protein: 11.7 g, fat: 19.5 g, carbohydrates: 13.1 g, and salt equivalent: 1.55 g

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An adapted recipe for "NIKUVEGE Soboro" posted on the "SnapDish" website.
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