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​About us

Company Profile

  • Company name: Tastable Co., Ltd.

  • Established: September 2021

  • President: Akihiro Yamanaka

  • Location: 14-4 Kodenmacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  • Amount of capital: 300,000,000 yen

  • Business hours: 9:00–17:40 (closed on weekends and national holidays)

  • Business: Development, design, and marketing of differentiated concept food (final processed products)

  • Parent company: Unitech Foods Co., Ltd., Sojitz Corporation, and Fuji Nihon Seito Corporation.


" We innovate delicious, healthy meals here "

Tastable Co., Ltd., was created to realize innovative foodstuffs through Food Tech based on the food needs of the time and new ideas with the mission of creating a food culture. All personnel at Tastable are experts experienced in material businesses to provide ingredients that contribute to a nice texture. We have recently created NIKUVEGE, plant-based meat that uses no animal ingredients while reproducing a meat-like texture, leveraging our know-how accumulated over many years. NIKUVEGE has become broadly available for general consumers as the first product from Tastable.
We will continue to pursue tasty products using selected ingredients through our manufacturing activities.

Akihiro Yamanaka, President

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